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Remove unwanted hair using a premium top of the line hard and soft wax for your face and body. Waxing removes the hair at the root, leaving skin smooth for weeks, eliminating the need to shave on a near daily basis. Over time hair grows back lighter, finer and sparser.
Please inform your waxing therapist if you are currently taking any medication or using any topical prescriptions that may increase skin sensitivity.

If using a topical Vitamin A on face, please refrain from use for 3 days prior to facial waxing to reduce chance of irritation or skin trauma.
Hard wax is used throughout body, soft wax is only used on arms, legs, chest and back.

Brow shaping · $20
Brow cleanup · $15
Lip or chin · $15
Nostrils · $15
Ears · $15
Underarms · $25
Full Leg · $65+

Basic Bikini · $25
Extended Bikini · $45
Brazillian · $65
Men's Back · $65
Chest · $45

Additional waxing services available upon request.

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