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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get undressed for a session?

You can undress to your level of comfort. Throughout the session, you will be covered with a sheet and blanket with only the area being worked on exposed.

This is my first facial. What do I need to know or do?

Arrive Early. Get acquainted with the space and fill out our skin care questionnaire.

What’s Up. Speak to your therapist about what’s going on with your skin and let them know what your primary goals are for your treatment and they will make sure to work with the goals along with anything they see that is important to address.

Breathe. Take this time to relax your body and soul, learn about your skin and receive a result-driven treatment.

Do Nothing Else. You may want to help by lifting an arm or neck. It’s actually easier for us if you let yourself be relaxed and refrain from engaging any muscles while the work is happening.

How often should I receive a facial treatment?

Generally speaking, for best results and continued maintenance we recommend once a month. If you are coming for a specific concern such as re-occurring acne or pigmentation we recommend coming once a week for at least four to six weeks. During this time your skin will have the opportunity to be addressed on a more concentrated level.

I cannot make my scheduled appointment, what do I do?

You can absolutely reschedule your appointment however we do have a 24 hour reschedule policy.  If you call within less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment or no-show a $50 re-scheduling fee will be applied. We certainly do not want to charge anyone so please be considerate of your Estheticians time reserved for you as you would for a doctor appointment or hotel reservation.

Do you offer waxing?

Yes, we do offer waxing. Additional waxing services may be requested beyond what is listed on site.

How long should I wait between booking wax appointments?

Due to the different hair growth cycles and getting them on or close to the same track, it is recommended when first starting waxing to come in every three weeks for the first three to four visits. Thereafter we recommend booking every four to six weeks.

What can I do about ingrown hair?

Exfoliating in the shower with a body brush or sugar scrub nearly everyday helps to keep the skin free from cellular buildup which can trap hair creating ingrowns. You can also use a product designed to help reduce bumps and ingrown. Also make sure you moisturize to keep skin hydrated and nourished. Please keep in mind some clients are naturally more prone to ingrown then others.

What precautions should I take post-waxing?

Avoid the sun or at the minimum wear sunblock and a hat for at least 72 hours to reduce chances of hyperpigmentation. Also avoid hot tubs, saunas and excessive sweating to prevent any skin irritation. Wait at least 48 hours to do any exfoliation to the waxed skin.  It is normal for skin to get pink immediately post-wax.

What precautions should I take post-peel?

Avoid the sun for at least a week, longer if possible for best results. If you immediately expose yourself to the sun with vulnerable skin you risk further pigmentation and early aging. Make sure you are wearing your SUNBLOCK on a daily basis.  If peeling or light sloughing of the skin occurs, wait at least five days after the peeling subsides to do any exfoliation; this is important so you do not expose fresh skin before it is ready.

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