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Gratitude for WHAT MADE YŌSO in 2017 as we say goodbye to one year and HELLO TO A BRIGHT NEW ONE!

With the new year there always comes a time of reflection on the year past. As a business, the focus is on success, but that could mean so many things. Sure there are the numbers, but our goal at Yōso Wellness Spa is always on the personal, the positive, and the impactful. Which moments stood out? What efforts reached people? Did we better our clients’ lives? In essence, what made Yōso in 2017?

This past year was undoubtedly the most amazing year we have experienced so far. We have never felt so connected with and supported by the Santa Cruz community, and that’s when it hit us: it was not one action or one person or one idea that made 2017, it was a huge community of support that gave Yōso such an incredible 2017. We started thinking about who was in that community, and as the list grew our hearts started growing immeasurably full with love and gratitude…so many people contributed to make Yōso possible!

So what did we do together? We introduced new health and wellness services. Increased our staff to better serve more clients. Re-named the business to highlight our full wellness spa offerings – read about the meaning of Yōso here. Reached 5 years in business. Raised awareness and donations for local nonprofits. And so importantly, we continued to provide a space where we can fulfill our passion of bringing true care from skin to soul to the Santa Cruz community, and where clients can continue to have a place of rejuvenation. WOW!

It is hard to put into words how meaningful these successes are to us as a local business, and even harder to express just how incredibly appreciative we are to the community who helped us achieve them. But we would like to try! So, with utmost gratitude as we say goodbye to one year and hello to a BRIGHT NEW ONE, we would like to honor and give thanks to each and every one of you in our community of support: you are WHAT MADE YOSO 2017!

So much goes into making a business successful, and looking at this list of support behind Yōso Wellness Spa, we are feeling excited for another successful year. See you all in 2018!

With True Care from Skin to Soul,
Jennalee Dahlen
Owner – Yōso Wellness Spa

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