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Gut to Skin Connection Workshop

The hidden reality of your gut can manifest through your skin. Gut to skin connection for aging, acne, rosacea, eczema, stress and more.

Join Kitchen Witch Bone Broth and Yoso Wellness Spa as we discuss all things GUT.

1. How the microbiome and the gut (including Liver and Gallbladder) influence the health and vitality of the skin and what a gut reset can do for your skin.

2. What we see on skin from the GUT HEALTH and how we address it topically to heal and keep the vitality in your skin.

3. How cosmetic acupuncture as well as acupuncture for the body along with the right herbs can shift the internal and external for your optimal gut and skin health.

During this workshop we will have a herbal tea infusion for you to enjoy as well as a tasting of the Gut Reset and products to test curated by Yoso.

This workshop will be lead by a powerhouse panel of wellness experts.

Magali – Co -Founder Kitchen Witch Bone Broth, LAc MTCM

Jennalee – Owner and Master Esthetician, Oncology Esthetician, Gua Sha Expert – Yoso Wellness Spa

We can not wait to have you join us as we dive deep into the hidden reality of your gut and how it can manifest through your skin.

Register at the following link!  https://gutskinconnection.eventbrite.com

Feel free to call 831-600-8053 or email jennalee@yosowellness.com with any questions.

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