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A Manicure and Pedicure Makeover

A Manicure and Pedicure Makeover.

You asked. We listened. The mani/pedi area got a little “face lift” and these are not your average leather chairs! Creating the ultimate comfort experience, “@stressless_us interprets your body’s movements as you change positions to provide increased lumbar reinforcement. It also reads your body’s weight and shape to adjust making reclining natural and adaptive.” At @yosowellness being a GREEN business, makes it important to us that when possible. The products, supplies and equipment we bring into the spa reflects a consciousness and practice of being “green” as well.

Stressless is a GREEN business with a minimal ecological footprint sourcing green materials, water based paints and lacquers. They use the excess wood chips to heat there facility and all the small leather scraps from the build out of chairs are sold to companies to create smaller products so nothing goes to waste. This is just the surface of their green business approach, there is so much more.

We will miss our beautiful custom built bench, but are confident you will fall in love with these new comfort focused reclining chairs!

Disclaimer… It WILL be hard to pull yourself out of the chairs once you get settled into them. I had a pedicure right after we welcomed them into Yoso and was so comfortable I thought I was going to doze off. When my treatment was over I sat for awhile melting away in my own lala land and was so grateful in that moment there was the space for me to relax and remain in the chair. They fully live up to the name “Stressless.” And who doesn’t want to feel stress free, happy and vibrant when they leave a spa! Am I right or am I right.

If you have not experienced a manicure or pedicure at Yoso, we are proud to be using non-toxic eco friendly products from the polish to the serums and scrubs. Our pedicure treatments equally continue to maintain the standard of being green through our steam pedicure treatment! We look forward to having you in and enjoying true care from skin to soul and fingers to toes!

Want to learn more about our nail services. Visit our service page here and check out our availability here.

With true care,


Founder and Visionary with a splash of happiness.

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