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Two Workshops- Sunday! New Moon Intentions and a Crystal Discussion

Sunday, Oct. 27th we will be hosting two workshops and they will be filled with all the right kind of energy.

  • Crystal Discussion – 4:00-5:30 with Ashley from Tobias and Alysha Crystal Co. She is a crystal expert, social media influencer in the crystal world and has a soothing energy that feels so magical to be around. Ashley will further explore and answer all the things you have been curious about crystals and gemstones including how you choose them or they choose you.
    She will do a 45 min in depth discussion, followed by 30 min Q&A and then Crystal shopping for anyone who would like to take a piece home that connects to them. Crystal purchases not required.

    You will leave you feeling enlightened, balanced and grounded from the knowledge and the power of the stones within the room crystaltalk.eventbrite.com

  • New Moon Intention Setting and Meditation Workshop – 7:00-8:30 pm with Caitlin. Caitlin is a medium/intuitive, reiki master and Mjoy Heartfield Energy Healing Frequency Trained. Caitlin will begin our time together with a meditation. As we become grounded and clear within the meditation she will follow with an Intention Setting Session to utilize the energy of the new moon while enjoying a Rose Quartz signing bowl, gemstones, palo santo, rose water mist, candles and offerings.

    All guests will receive a special gift for attending. Pens and worksheets will be provided.

    This workshop will also leave you feeling enlightened, balanced and grounded ready for the month ahead! newmoonintentions.eventbrite.com

  • PROMO: If you would like to attend both energetic balancing and enlightening workshops on
    Sunday, Oct. 27th.workshops, when you register for each of them seperatly get a 10% discount for the workshops. A special ticket has been created for you to select when purchasing.

If you have any questions feel free to contact jennalee@yosowellness.com or call 831-600-8053

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