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CBD Massage

CBD Massage

Our CBD massage focuses on helping the body and mind relax and heal. CBD is non-psychoactive and works synergistically to deeply nourish the skin and heal damaged tissue, reduce inflammation, relieve pain and reduce stress and anxiety. Through the use of CBD along with a blend of herbs and essential oils your body and mind will experience a holistic treatment focused massage with true care from skin to soul.
CBD massage is great for anyone and especially those with the following conditions or concerns:
· Arthritis
· Sports and Occupational Injuries
· Fatigued/Sore Muscles
· Anxiety
· Sprains/Strains
· Psoriasis/Eczema
· Sleep issues

60 minute CBD Swedish Massage · 110
60 minute CBD Deep Tissue Massage · 120
90 minute CBD Swedish Massage · 150
90 minute CBD Deep Tissue Massage · 160


Integrative Swedish Massage

Through a combination of polarity and Swedish massage, experience complete relaxation in this whole-body treatment as your therapist manipulates the muscles helping to increase blood oxygen levels, rid the muscles of toxins and waste products, and increase overall flexibility while reducing tension.

60 minutes · 90
90 minutes · 120

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep yet skillfully applied pressure and point work catered to your needs and preference. Deep tissue does not have to be painful. From headaches to backaches, you will experience release from your tension without pain.

60 minutes · 100
90 minutes · 130

Prenatal Massage

Gift the soon to be Mom in your life a relaxing massage designed especially for her. Special pregnancy pillows and props make this massage a comfortable cozy sanctuary away from the discomforts of a changing body. Massage helps ready a mom for labor, too!

60 minutes · 90
90 minutes · 120

Duet Massage

Price includes treatment for two. Enjoy a side by side massage with someone special while you both thoroughly relax with our calming, restorative massage to balance body, mind and soul.

60 minutes · 190
90 minutes · 250

Hot Stone

This is a deeply relaxing massage with stones that have been heated. Tired, aching muscles are softened, elongated and stretched, refreshing and rejuvenating the entire body.

60 minutes · 105
90 minutes · 125

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage is on a mat fully clothed in comfortable yoga style clothing. The practitioner guides the receiver's body into various yoga poses, and uses certain pressure points. Recommended for those who love yoga and massage or those who want more stretching from their massage.

60 minutes · 100


CranioSacral Therapy is an alternative healing modality intended to relieve pain and tension by gentle holds of the body, which harmonizes with the natural rhythm in the central nervous system.

60 minutes · 90

Cupping with Massage

In this integrated treatment you will receive a blend of massage and cupping based on your bodies needs.
Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine modality. It uses the meridians and the fascia to bring balance back to the body’s systems. When used in massage therapy its purpose is to loosen the fascia and create more freedom in movement. Cupping can assist in pain management, freeing up tight or knotted muscles, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and overall wellbeing. Cups are applied to the skin and then the air is taken out of the cup suctioning it onto the skin. When released there can be bruises that are left on the skin which usually will last 5-7 days.  

60 minutes · 85
90 minutes · 115

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